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Lenoir City

Project Summaries

The SCI is excited to be partnering with Lenoir City for our 2016-17 program. SCI faculty and students are working on a collection of projects focused on activating the downtown area! View recent press on the Lenoir City program or check out our graphic posters for these projects!

Third year architecture students Tricia Stuth’s design studio “Lenoir City: the architecture of city governance and civic life” will investigate multiple sites and buildings for adaptive reuse, expansion, and redevelopment. Projects for Lenoir City Schools Administration, Lenoir City Fire Department, and in-city housing will address needs yet also illustrate opportunities to enhance the public realm. Students will develop and apply knowledge of regulatory, economic, social, ecological, and spatial criteria that influence a city’s evolution in order to understand and facilitate decision-making by local government as it relates to civic resources, space, and identity. Aspirations shared by participating city staff, stakeholders, and citizens will shape concept designs for Lenoir City to use when considering future government buildings, enhanced public space, and cultivation of community. (Faculty Lead: Tricia Stuth / Lenoir City Lead: Pat Phillips)

This Advertising & Public Relations course taught by Dr. Candace White will develop a comprehensive brand strategy for the downtown in partnership with the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Merchants Association, and community members. Students will prepare for the real world practice of strategic and ethical communication campaign management by developing research-based campaign plans complete with budgets and timetables. (Faculty Lead: Candace White / Lenoir City Lead: Michael Bobo)

Twenty-three Retail and Consumer Science senior level students in Lucy Simpson’s Strategic Retail Planning course are using the knowledge gained from their varied coursework in consumer behavior, technology, customer loyalty, financial profitability, and strategies for growth to help the existing merchants of the Historic Downtown Lenoir City.  Using critical thinking, communication and team work skills, they will propose retail strategies such as merchandise assortment planning, visual merchandising presentation, and promotional events to improve the profitability and viability of the retail businesses.  In addition, students will research and propose entrepreneurial opportunities for future brick and mortar opportunities Historic Downtown Lenoir City. The SCI project is part of the capstone course for the Retail and Consumer Science major.  All of these seniors will have completed the required internship and are graduating in December 2016 or May 2017.  This project will prepare students for the real world challenges in the retail business that they will encounter in the future.  (Faculty Lead: Lucy Simpson / Lenoir City Lead: Mary Bright)

The Lenoir City revitalization project has provided an interactive and unique opportunity for senior students in the Department of Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism management in the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences.  These seniors are partnering with Loudon County Visitors Bureau to showcase their diverse skillset and talents by researching and compiling data to help create niche markets to stimulate tourism within the downtown district. Using a Volunteer Employed Photography method, the team of HRTM students are taking photographs of and around Lenoir City in order to critically analyze possible tourism markets that Lenoir City can utilize in future marketing plans.  Furthermore, this team will participate in several improvisational and empathy workshops helping them communicate, collaborate, and listen holistically.  Their end deliverables will be a sustainable tourism marketing plan, rack card, and photography portfolio highlighting their contributions as future tourism consultants proving that their acquired knowledge as undergraduate students goes beyond the classroom walls and into life-long partnerships. (Faculty Lead: Stephanie Benjamin / Lenoir City Lead: Rachel Baker)

Why does one study another language and culture, particularly Spanish in Tennessee?  Bearing in mind that many of our communities have a growing number of Spanish-speaking neighbors, it is our belief that learning Spanish and understanding more fully the cultures that Spanish expresses constitutes an essential component in strengthening our collective roles as socially responsible citizens.  To that end, our Spanish 494 service-learning class is excited about participating in the Smart Communities Initiative, an opportunity for our students to put into practice their classroom instruction in ways which will enable them to move from “thinking ABOUT” Hispanics and their culture to “thinking WITH” Hispanics.  This kind of dialogue among equals is a keystone to building together communities in a more socially inclusive and participatory manner.  That’s why we study, teach, and learn Spanish! (Faculty Lead: Michael Handelsman & Luis Cano / Lenoir City Lead: Monty Ross)

The Tennessee Valley Authority is building a new bridge from Blount County Loudon County and Lenoir City officials are working with the Committee of 100 to considering options for the existing bridge. Economics lecturer Ben Compton is evaluating costs and impacts of retaining the old bridge and revitalizing the adjacent park area. City officials hope his work will lay the groundwork for soliciting contributions for the project. (Faculty Lead: Ben Compton / Lenoir City Lead: Clayton Pangle)

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